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You can find  Raw Eco Design units everywhere.
At home, on a fair, in the office or in shops.

Combine your own unit from our modular system or choose a made to measure unit.


Unit 153w x 85h x 30d cm. Board 2 cm thick. Shelves used: B1 and D2, Addition used: Box (painted).

Letterbak l

Unit: Type Case xL 209 x 143 x 35 cm. Board 2 cm Thick. Additions used: Wine Rack and Front Cover.

35 wall unit

Unit 119w x 221h x 30d cm. Board 3cm thick. Shelves used: A1, C1 and F1, Addition used: x-Cross.

kitchen unit  

Unit 119w x 119h x 30d cm. Board 3cm thick. Shelves used: C1, Additions used: Wine Rack.


Left: Unit 153w x 153h x 30d cm. Board 3cm thick. Shelves used: D1, painted high gloss red. €275,00
Right: Unit 187w x 153h x 30d cm. Board 3cm thick. Shelves used: D1 and E1.  €330,00

low unit

Unit 221w x 51h x 30d cm. Board 3 cm thick. Shelves used: A1 and F1.


Unit 119w x 119h x 30d cm. Board 3 cm thick. Shelves used: A1, B1 and DC1.


Unit 221w x 221h x 30d cm. Board 3 cm thick. Shelves used: F1 and F2, Addition used: +Cross, Front Cover and Box.


Made to Measure for Jolein. 4 units placed against eachother.

Unit 255 x 221 cm.

Wall Unit 119 x 187 cm


Proudly we show: Blattgold in Munich; a book shop build up from carboard units from Raw Eco Design. 
September 2015



Joost en Christa are trying out our newest shelf. Now with wider compartments of 48 cm. Shelf D2 en F2. 153 x 221 cm.
July 2015

Stek magazine 

Stek Magazine used this cardboard unit as a room devider.
February 2015


Boekenkasten van karton

Bjorn has put 2 units around the corner.
February 2015


kleding disply  schoenen display

Units as display for clothing.
December 2014


Kreaz BuffetkastKreaz Trapkast 

Kreaz has got eco furniture in their shop and uses them as display units.
September 2014


balie winkeltafel van karton

close-up vakkendetail buffetkast

This Pop-up store in Hilversum has had tables and a counter made to measure.
September 2014



A great example that shows the strength of our units. Nienke filled her cardboard wall unit up with books.
Augustus 2014


showroom kast

Kast gebruikt in de showroom van Rock 'n Blue.
Juli 2014 


 Wandkastslaapkamer kast 

kast ecoroomdevider

A bookshelf in the livingroom and units in the bedrooms, this French cottage lloks lovely and diverse.
July 2014


 kast op maatkast op maat

kast op maatkast van karton

This beautiful made to measure unit has a shelf thickness of 8 cm. This costumer has put lights in as well.
April 2014


display papermoon

www.papermoonfactory.nl uses this unit as a display unit in the gallery.
February 2014


Dopper displayTafel Display Dopper


A made to measure display unit for Dopper. Water bottles made from bio-degradable plastic. 
January 2014   


Miss Bio Display

Miss Bio, natural beauti products in an ecological display unit.
November 2013


kast van Aart

Aart van Veller is a fan (Grazia).
October 2013


kantoor miss bio

Miss Bio uses these wall units in their office.
March 2013


Dopper is on the fair with our Buffet unit, waitng for their display made to measure.
March 2013


Mix & EcoMatch

Sander has this unit in his apartment 223b x 85h cm
February 2013.



This unit is painted in an off white acryllic paint. Filled up with tableware.
March 2012


Buffetkast Breed WoonfabriekWoonfabriek Amsterdam

In the Woonfabriek the Buffet Big is used in the shopping window as a display unit.
December 2011


Woonfabriek room deviderboekenkast woonfabriek

Woonfabriek Amsterdam.
December 2011


 Boekenkast displaykast van karton

Gezinnig on a fair.
November 2011


winkel displaykartonnen displaydisplay van karton

Raw Eco Design used to make a shop display system. 
October 2011