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How long will a cardboard unit last?
A cardboard wall unit will last for years. The more carefull you handle your unit the longer it will last. The unit will never fall apart, no matter how old it is. The only thing you will see over the years is some wearing on the surface of the boards. 

Costs of the unit
Making recycled material is unfortunately more expensive than producing new cardboard. It is the world upside down. Cutting down forests is cheaper than recycling old paper in an environmetal friendly way. We are keeping the prices as low as possible, this is why we (hardly) sell in shops, they need to much margin to be profitable. Our products are cheaper than real wooden wall units, but more expensive than the big furniture chains, they use cheap boards and fillings.

You will get a usersmanual with your unit. Please make sure you follow as instructed. If not, you might break a shelf unnescesarely. Always put the shelf evenly on the floor, never use pressure. Make sure all ends slide in evenly at 90 degrees.

bending shelf
Is one shelf bending a little bit? Please turn that particulair shelf around and make sure you put less weight on that shelf.

broken shelf
Do you have a broken shelf? Please inform us, we can send you a new one, or you can pick it up at our showroom. Prices will be send to you beforehand.

cleaning the unit
The unit can be dusted with a dustcloth. Use a vaccum cleaner for the open edges. You also may us a slightly moist cloth to wipe the unit.

You can mop the floor as normal, make sure the unit will not stand in a pool of water though. 

placing your unit

Make sure, your unit stands on a level floor. Might the unit come a bit forward, please put a bit of wood or cardboard underneath the front of the legs.

It is very easy to paint your unit. Use an acryllic (or even better: ecofriendly) paint. Apply with a velvet rounded roller. Use 2 layers for a perfect finish. 

We calculate sending costs per product, considering their weight. 

vulnerable side-ends
Be ware of the end bits of the shelf. Never lift the unit on the side-ends. Follow the usersmanual carefully. Never lean or put weight on the side-ends.