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Our cardboard

Our cardboard

Our units are made of 98% recycled cardboard

The boards we use are specially designed and have a corrugated centre. This corrugated structure enables our cardboard to be much stronger than the regularly used honeycomb cardboard. Therefore our furniture can hold as much weight as softwood furniture. The inside of the boards is made from 100% recycled paper, only the top layer is new. Our packaging is also made from recycled material. 

The standard thickness of the shelves we are using is 3 cm. For displays or special requests we can change to different sizes (5-95 mm).
The units are constructed by sliding boards together. No need to use glue or screws. The unit will be standing within 5-15 minutes.

As with wood, wet marks can appear on the surface (if you put a wet glass on it for example). These wet marks will not stain the furniture if you wipe the moist off immediately with a dry cloth. Mopping around the furniture is no problem, although we recommend you don’t leave too much standing water. The cardboard will expand a little if it stands in it too long.

It is possible to paint the furniture to the color of your choice. Use a paint suitable for wood and use a roller with round edges to apply. Roll two layers for a perfect finish. Please use an environmental friendly paint.


'Raw Eco Design furniture is made for those who care for the planet, love trees and like to stand out of the crowd with something special'

Raw Eco Design is one of a few companies that designs and sells furniture made from recycled cardboard. Our furniture and displaying units are made from 98% recycled paper and our packaging is made out of 99% recycled paper. We never use glue or screws and the whole unit and packaging can be recycled again!

We try to keep the costs of our units as low as possible. Unfortunately cutting down rain forest is cheaper than recycling paper and cardboard. Lets hope this will change at some point...

Raw Eco Design takes pride in caring for our planet, we do not cut corners, we try to be as eco friendly as we can possibly be.